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a smarter approach to cooking

Whether you want to cook frozen meals, reheat snacks or beverages, or heat up some tasty breakfast pastries, this compact microwave oven is right for you. Our simple to clean interior coating allows you to quickly and easily wipe off any spilled food. 

Our units are simple to use with spacious cavities for a wide range of cooking options. The 6-unique One-Touch Auto Menus make heating up your morning coffee or popping a bag of popcorn as easy as 1-2-done! 

Why order take out when you can make a personal pizza at home? Our pre-programmed cooking is as easy as just one-touch. Simply add your food, select what you're cooking and press "start." This feature will also allow you to change your cooking time and customize your power level. 

built-in microwave

trim kit

A trim kit is recommended for built-in installation. 

Optional trim kits are available for all models so you can install your microwave in a cabinet or over a wall oven. Each trim kit offers a custom built-in look with a stylish finish while offering additional air ventilation. 


Discover the right trim kit for your model. 

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