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Whether your refrigerator isn't making the amount of ice you need in a day, if you're looking for something a little more hassle-free and slow as ice cube trays or if you're sick of running to the gas station or grocery store to get another 20 lbs. bag of ice cubes, CONTOURE has a solution for you. 

The CONTOURE compact, portable ice maker, offers you an easy and convenient alternative for quickly and quietly making ice. 

Our sleek and contemporary design makes any of our units a stylish and fun addition to your countertop, outdoor kitchen or party while providing you with he functionality that you're looking for in a portable ice maker. Our units are light weight, compact and easy to take with you on-the go! 

Producing as much as 26 lbs. of ice in 24 hours the CONTOURE compact, portable ice maker ensures that whatever your demands for ice are, you will always have a steady supply of cold little cubes ready to go!



Compact and Portable Ice Maker, Produces up to 26-lbs of ice 


Easy to navigate electronic controls with LED Display 

Automatic overflow protection 

Full ice basket indicator light


Makes small or large bullet-shaped ice cubes 

Available in black, red, silver, stainless steel & blue  


Built-in auto-voltage regulator controls electrical spikes 


Each unit includes a serving basket that holds up to 2-lbs of ice, an ice scooper and BONUS side-mounted bottle opener 


Compact and Portable Ice Maker, Silver

SKU: RV-135Z
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