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a smarter approach to FRYING

With our new Smart-Air-Fry you can quickly and easily air fry foods and enjoy a healthier alternative to your favourite fried foods. 

Smart Air-Fry works by rapidly circulating hot air around the food, allowing it to "fry" to a perfect golden brown without added oils! Our Smart Air-Fry technology combined with our Smart-Grill feature makes sure each item you fry is cooked using the optimal temperature for that food type leaving you with delicious french fries, chicken wings, mozecrall sticks and more that are juicy on the inside and crispy, brown on the outside! 

Reduce your intake of unwanted fats and calories today by switching your oven to the new Smart Air-Fry/Grill mode. In addition to using less oils while cooking, Smart Air-Fry keeps the nutrients inside of the food reducing your overall calorie intake and making healthy cooking from home as easy as 1-2-3! 


With our new Smart Oven features you can now make many of your favourite state fair foods at home. Using our Smart-Grill you can make sure your corn dogs and browned to perfection, with our Convection oven you can bake a delicious blueberry pie and using our new Smart Air-Fryer you can fry up some fresh cut seasoned french fries! 

You're in control! With our microwave ovens you have the ability to easily adjust both the temperature and convection selection while cooking making CONTOURE Smart Air-Fry Microwave Ovens an essential element to any kitchen. 

Visit our Social page to find out more on the health benefits of air-frying and how you can enter our Smart Air-Fry home cooking competition! 


Built-in microwave


A trim kit is recommended for built-in installation. 

Optional trim kits are available for all models so you can install your microwave in a cabinet or over a wall oven. Each trim kit offers a custom built-in look with a stylish finish while offering additional air ventilation. 


Discover the right trim kit for your model. 

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